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Product range
Microsystems technology / sensor systems
Chip & Wire
Thick film hybrid technology
Thin film techniques
PTC-temperature sensors in thick film technology
Printed circuit boards – Express service - Prototypes


Assembling technology for semiconductor components and microsystems

The Chip & Wire technology which is well known from the assembling of semiconductor components and also from hybrid techniques allows the realization of multichip modules and the assembling of intelligent miniaturized sensors in microsystems by complex connecting solutions.

In a combination of Chip & Wire with SMD mounting and/or thick film technology we offer up-to-date and reliable customer specific solutions for different applications.

Chip bonding
conductive and nonconductive adhesives for application temperatures up to 350° C
removing of semiconductor chips from waffle pack or from wafer on foil (sawn)
Flip-Chip and Ball-Grid-Array

Wire bonding
ultrasonic bonding (Al-wire, Ø20µm - 32µm)
thermosonic bonding (Au-wire, Ø25µm - 30µm)
kinds of wiring devices: measuring circuits from Al2O3- or AIN ceramic printed circuit boards, TO-header, special IC carriers on demand
all kind of semiconductor material with bondable metallization
reliability tests as per MIL STD 883 C on demand

Packaging techniques
coating of wire bonded semiconductor chips with casting components
hermetic enclosing in metal packages by welding in climatic chambers under protection gas
quasi-hermetic enclosing of special packages by application of adhesive techniques
testing of He-leakage rate according to MIL STD 883C
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