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Product range
Microsystems technology / sensor systems
Chip & Wire
Thick film hybrid technology
Thin film techniques
PTC-temperature sensors in thick film technology
Printed circuit boards – Express service - Prototypes


Microsystems – a combination of different techniques – gain increasing significance for the improvement of existing products and those to be developed.
The consequent use and developing of our microtechnology are the basis for a wide range of application in various industrial sectors. Microsystems in connection with sensoring are of special importance in this field.

Development and manufacturing from one source enable to offer high quality and cost-effective specific solutions.

We provide the necessary basical techniques such as Chip & Wire, Chip-on-Board, SMD-thick film hybrid technology, and we continue to implement new mounting processes.

The following application fields are of increasing importance:

environment and security techniques
medicine techniques
industrial measuring and controlling techniques

Due to long-time experience on these special fields we can offer reduced times for development as well as short times to transform design know how to production processes

Examples are the solutions developed for integrated non-contacting temperature sensor systems, integrated pressure sensor systems, hybrid integrated optical sensors or transflow sensors for gases and fluids.

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