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Product range
Microsystems technology / sensor systems
Chip & Wire
Thick film hybrid technology
Thin film techniques
PTC-temperature sensors in thick film technology
Printed circuit boards – Express service - Prototypes
Thick film layers
Chip & Wire


We offer customized solutions.

Our services complete your production capacity. We are the partner strategically integrated in your own development and manufacturing processes.

The spectrum of our services is:

development and manufacturing of electronic boards and systems
- thin film technology on ceramic carriers for
- thick film hybrid circuits
- SMD-assembling on printed circuit boards and flexible materials
Chip & Wire, Chip-On-Board
- assembling in low-cost regions
- assembling of electromechanical components

Our Projects

- power modules for gearing and controlling techniques
- assemblies for automation techniques
- sensor elements and systems
- mains connection hybrids

INTRATEC is your partner for the entire product engineering – starting from designing period via procurement of material up to mass production.

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