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Product range
Microsystems technology / sensor systems
Chip & Wire
Thick film hybrid technology
Thin film techniques
PTC-temperature sensors in thick film technology
Printed circuit boards – Express service - Prototypes


Our services of printed circuit boards offer a wide variety of products, short delivery times, and superior quality at reasonable prices.

By the means of modern data communication and flexible manufacturing processes quick samples can be delivered in graduated quantities up to 100 pcs., within 2 to 10 working days.

Example calculation in our price list

10 pcs. of Europakarten double sided, 10 work.days
price for 10 pcs.
196,30 €
side charges:
+ 192,00 €

388,30 €

10 pcs. of Europakarten 4 layers ML, 10 w.d.
price for 10 pcs.
317,80 €
side charges:
+ 332,00 €

649,80 €

Single sided, double sided
Multilayers up to 28 layers
Fine line 100 µm, Fine-Pitch-SMD, hot air levelling, gold plating
Flex and rigid flex connections with blind and burried vias
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