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Product range
Microsystems technology / sensor systems
Chip & Wire
Thick film hybrid technology
Thin film techniques
PTC-temperature sensors in thick film technology
Printed circuit boards – Express service - Prototypes


Ceramic carriers ...
printed with layers and adjustable resistors
assembled with active and passive components
mounted with semiconductor chips

... are the basis of an integrated construction technology for electronic assemblies and equipment.

With its material specific characteristics, high packing density and flexible design of application and mechanical construction thick film hybrid circuits are the cost-effective alternatives when implementing circuit functions with special concern for the environment.

Technical Specifications

Ceramic carriers
  aluminium oxyd ceramic 96 % (Al2O3)
aluminium nitrid ceramic (AIN)
beryllium oxyd ceramic (BeO)
  up tomax. 6,5"x 4,5"
s tandard 4"x 4"
  Standard 0,635 mm
any other sizes
(min. 0,25 mm) and forms
as per customers’ specifications
  AgPd (Rsq ca. 30 mOhm)
Au (Rsq ca. 3 mOhm)
Ag (Rsq ca. 1,5 mOhm)
  1 W to 30 M Ohm
(other factors on demand)
Adjustment tolerance
  Standard < 1%
min. < 0,5%
  +/- 100 ppm/K
+/- 50 ppm/K
  back side including through plating
(min. diameter 100 µm)
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